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Sysadmin365 helps small to medium companies with all their IT requirements by providing affordable solutions and support. We do the hassle and you do the business. It’s IT made easy.

Email & Web Hosting

Tailor-made email and web hosting plans according to your needs.

Desktop Support

Get help with your computers whenever or wherever you need it.

Software Solutions

Set up all the software you need to get the job done.

Network & Internet

Build a network and connect it to the internet.

Build an office

You have office space, but what now? Don’t stress, we’ll get you all the infrastructure that you’d require for a well oiled office. Get internet, phones, printers and computers for your office.

We’ve partnered with excellent service providers to bring you reliable internet.

We’ll set up wifi routers or build wired networks for your office.

Get a dedicated landline number for your office using Voice over Internet Protocols.

An office needs a printer. We can set it up.

Get good deals on laptops and desktop computers and let us set it up according to your spcefications.


Exclusive deals to Sysadmin365 clients

We use our connections with suppliers to provide our clients with great deals on laptops, routers, network equipment and office IT infrastructure.

No office? No problem!

Organise your workplace, remotely and securely!

Sysadmin365 helps with work-from-home integration and ensure that you have all the communication and collaboration tools you need to remain productive in a remote work environment.

Sysadmin365 can help you work remotely, individually or as a team, anywhere, anytime…

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About Us

Here at Sysadmin365 we are passionate about computers. We are also passionate about solutions, so combining the two to find solutions about computers is a natural fit.

Navigating the IT environment can be a tricky thing. That’s why you need a specialist. We will take care of all these needs on your behalf. 

We are experienced IT professionals who can provide expert IT services, tailored to your business’ needs.

Startup Companies

You don't need to know IT to start a business. Sysadmin365 will guide you through everything and put the tools you need in place, right from the start.

Get affordable solutions for your small business that don't require full-time support... yet.

Established Business

Take charge of your information. Let Sysadmin365 assess your requirements to help you expand the IT environment of your growing business with confidence.

Get corporate IT solutions only at a fraction of the cost.

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