Business Tools

Corporate tools to maximise your productivity

Microsoft Office

It’s the world’s most popular business suite, including apps like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. We can help you acquire licenses and set up the software for you.

Productivity Software

Whatever your type of business, we have the desktop software to keep you productive and secure. We’ll do a need assessment, make recommendations and set everything up.

Cloud Storage? Let's collaborate.

Cloud storage is more than just backups. It’s a virtual world of collaboration where you can share files and work together on projects. Let us set it up for you.

Benefits of Software Instalations

Our Installation Service

Need Assessment

Assess your requirements to ensure that you have everything you need, and only what you need.

Licence Compliance

All software has the proper licence for it’s intended use to ensure that you’re legally compliant.


Software is installed in versions that are compatible with any system that you might be using.


Our installations always use the latest versions of software, and updates can be arranged when available.

Legitimate Software

All software is provided in the original format as created by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer Guarantee

Manufacturer support is included in all software packages.

IT made easy

Find the right solutions for your business.

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