Network & Internet

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Modern business is impossible without the internet. We’ve partnered with a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide fast, reliable internet. Get fibre, wireless internet or Mobile LTE, depending on your location and requirements. 

Wifi & Networks

Connect end-users to the internet with a series of wired and wireless networks. We’ll monitor your networks and keep them running. A well-structured network allows you to use your internet connectivity to its full extent.

Make the hard call and get a soft phone

Sysadmin365 can help you set up VoIP Phones so your company can have its own business numbers. VoIP phones let you use a business number to make and receive calls anywhere, through the internet.

Benefits of our Internet Networks

Our Installation Service


Routers connects your network to the world wide internet.


Install switches to make your whole network come together.


Extend your wifi wirelessly with repeaters.

Wifi AP

Create strong wireless capabilities with an expanded wifi access point range.


Cables are still the most reliable way to transfer data from one point to another.

VoIP Phones

VoIP Phones use the internet to call and can be easily moved and installed anywhere.

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