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Swiftkey - The best keyboard for your phone

Typing with two fingers on a phone can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to be. Get Swiftkey, the best keyboard for your phone, tweak a few settings and typing will never e the same again!

Swiftkey can spellcheck multiple languages, adds useful buttons to your keyboard and has multiple themes to suit your personality.

1. Download Swiftkey

Start by downloading the Swiftkey app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

2. Activate Swiftkey

Once installed, you will need to finalise three steps to activate Swiftkey for your phone. 

First, click the “Enable Swiftkey” button. It will take you a setting on your phone where you can switch Swiftkey on.

Next, click the “Select Swiftkey” button. Choose Swiftkey from your list of keyboards.

That’s it, Switkey is activated! Click the button to finalise it.

You can now proceed to customise Swiftkey for better results.

3. Access Settings

Open the Swiftkey app to access its settings.

4. Add Languages

Click the languages button to access language settings.

  1. You can quickly add a few suggested languages.
  2. If your language is not suggested, click the search button to look for it.
  3. You can disable languages you don’t need.


Note that South Africa generally uses the UK spelling. To improve your spelling, install the UK language pack, then disable the default US pack.

You can use up to 5 different language packs simultaneously.

5. Optimise Typing

Tweak some typing settings to make the most of your Swiftkey keyboard.

  1. Disable autocorrect, because it’s annoying if your phone changes your words for you. Do this especially if you’ve installed multiple language packs. You will still be able to correct spelling manually when needed. 
  2. The other settings should be on by default. Keep it on. Auto capitalize and Auto space is very useful when typing.

6. Emoji Predictions

If you’re the sort of person that types in emojis 😁 you might want to switch the emoji predictions feature on.

  1. Tick on “Emoji Predictions” to have Swiftkey suggest emojis for you.
  2. A dedicated emoji key on your keyboard provides quick access to emojis wherever you type. You can tick it on here.

7. Set Layout & Keys

Add a few buttons and features to your keyboard to make it more useful.

  1. Switch on the number row to make typing numbers a lot easier.
  2. Switch on long-press symbols to be able to type symbols by long-pressing characters.
  3. You can also long-press to see accented characters [ê; é; û; ÿ; etc]
  4. Finally, click the “resize” setting to resize your keyboard. Drag it until it reaches the desired size, then click OK.

8. Theme

One more thing… Personalise your keyboard by installing a theme that fits your personality.

  1. Enter the “Themes” setting.
  2. Scroll until you find a theme you like.
  3. Click on the theme to install.

You are done

That’s it, you have now optimised Swiftkey to get the most out of it.

There are, of course, other options that can be explored, and you can set up Swiftkey in any way that suits you, but these options are tried and tested to get the most out of Swiftkey.


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