Remote Desktop Apps

Used to connect to laptops remotely for support.

The most commonly used desktop support app.

Internet Browsers


The world’s most popular internet browser.

The world’s safest browser.

Very customisable browser.

Communication Tools

Video conference, chat, filesharing and collaboration for business licenses.

Everybody uses Whatsapp. Now use it on your laptop as well.

Free and easy to use app for virtual meetings.


Open-source email client.

Very good email client – free use for up to two email accounts.

Admin Tools

WPS Office

Free, basic Word, Presentation and Spreadsheet software.

Quick notepad with useful features like multiple notes, autosave, etc.

Take notes on your PC and sync it with the Simplenote app on your phone

The safest PDF reader available.

PDF editor/converter

Task Management

Task management app – requires a Microsoft Office license.

Comprehensive task management app.

Track time spent on tasks for clients.

Useful Apps

The best archive / zip file extractor tool.


Share files quickly between computers on the same network. This will require Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 to be installed for it to work.

The media player that plays anything.


Do not use these unless you know what you’re doing.


Clean and optimise your PC.


Find out what’s taking up space on your PC.


Recover accidentally deleted files.


Get a full picture of your PC’s specifications.

Remove all unwanted registry entries and residual files when uninstalling software. [Portable version]

Driver Booster

Update your drivers.

Make an image of your whole computer. 

Make a bootale USB from an image file.

Windows 11 Updates

Update your laptop to Windows 11.

Remote Access Tools


Connect to your VPN Server.


Easy FTP Client.

SSMS provides tools to configure, monitor, and administer instances of SQL Server and databases.

Security Software

Keep your computer safe from hackers.

Free Antivirus Software

Get rid of pesky spyware.

Scan for viruses if you suspect an infection

Virus and malware removal tool

Cloud Storage

Syncing software for cloud storage services.


Privacy-focussed cloud storage.

Google Drive

The world’s best know cloud storage.


Business-orientated cloud storage.

Integrates with Microsoft Office Software

Chrome Browser Plugins

Usefull tools for your Chrome browser


Checks your spelling when typing in your browser.

Malware bytes

Blocks phising sites and malware embedded on websites.

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