How to delete an email address from Outlook's autocomplete cache

If the email address you send to is incorrect, you might want to delete the email address from Outlook’s autocomplete cache.

When you type an email address in Outlook’s “To” textbox, a preview often pops up. You then click it, often without a second thought, and send. You will see this preview if you’ve previously sent or received emails to or from this address.

Sometimes, however, this autocomplete address is wrong. It could be because it was previously typed wrong or because the recipient’s email address has changed. You can fix this by deleting the email from Outlook’s autocomplete cache.

Here’s how:

1. New Email

Click “New Email” to create an email to send.

2. Type Address

In the “To” textbox, start typing the email address of the person to whom you wish to send an email.

A preview of the address should pop up.

3. Remove preview address

In the preview, an “X” will appear to the right of the email address. 

Click the “X” to delete the email address from autocomplete cache.

delete outlook autocomplete cache

4. Start over

You have now deleted the email address from Outlook’s autocomplete cache.

Type the correct email address and send your email. This new address will pop up as a preview when you send an email to that person from now on.

If you have any problems, contact a friendly technician at Sysadmin365 for help.

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