How to add an email signature to Thunderbird email client

Email signatures add a personal identity to your emails. It makes it seem more relatable and it will look more professional. If you’re using the Thunderbird email client, this is how you can add an email signature in Thunderbird.

1. Open the Thunderbird menu

Click the three lines in the top right corner to open the menu.

2. Account Settings

Select “Account Settings” from the dropdown menu.

3. Choose Account

Click on the name of the account you’d like to assign with a signature.

4. Add signature information

Here you can add a simple text signature, html signature code or an image signature [jpg/png]. You can only do one of these options, no combinations.

Choose the option you want to apply and scroll down to that section of this tutorial.

a] Text
b] HTML Code
c] Image

a] Text

Enter the text for your signature in the text box. You can include your name, contact details or anything else you require.

b] HTML Code

If you have an html signature, tick the html box, then paste your code into the textbox. Alternately, you can tick the box that enables “Attach the signature from a file” and browse for an html file with your signature.

c] Image

Tick the box to enable “Attach the signature from a file instead” and browse for your image.

This video explains how to add a simple text signature.

5. Close Settings

The account settings will auto-save, so you can simply close the Account Settings tab and your changes will be available.


While you are here, you can also confirm that your sender identity is correct. The sender identity is what recipients see at the top of their emails.

In the “Default Identity” section, check if your name and company name is correct.

Your signature has now been added to your emails. You can now type your message above your signature in each Thunderbird email.

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