How to use Anydesk [Windows]

This tutorial will explain what to do when the IT guy wants to connect to your laptop with Anydesk.

Part 1 – Check if you have Anydesk

  1. Click the search icon [bottom left of your taskbar]
  2. Type “Anydesk”
  3. If the Anydesk icon appears, you have Anydesk. Click to open. You can proceed to Part 3.
  4. If you don’t see Anydesk, you don’t have it. Proceed to Part 2.

Part 2 – Download and install

Click the button below to download Anydesk. Once it’s downloaded, find the file and open it. By default it will probably be in your downloads folder.

Part 3 – Open Anydesk and allow connection

  1. Open Anydesk
  2. Copy the red address code and send it to the IT Technician.
  3. Keep Anydesk open.

The IT technician will now attempt to connect to your laptop.

You will receive a popup notification of the request.

Click the green “accept” button.

The technician is now connected to your laptop and can proceed to troubleshoot your problem.

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