Install Rustdesk and Learn How to Use It

Rustdesk is a popular decentralized remote access tool written in Rust coding language. It’s used by IT Technicians to connect to laptops and computers to troubleshoot and fix problems. If you have a problem, download and install Rustdesk so that a technician can access your computer and fix it for you in no time. Here’s what to do.

Part 1 – Download and install Rustdesk

Click the button below to download Rustdesk. Once it’s downloaded, find the file. By default it will probably be in your downloads folder.

Open the file and click “accept and install”. Click “Yes” if any more permissions are required.

Part 2 – Open Rustdesk and send ID code

  1. Open Rustdesk
  2. Copy the ID code on the left and send it to the IT Technician.
  3. Keep Rustdesk open. If you close it, the Technician won’t be able to connect.
  4. You don’t need to enter a code on your end.

Part 3 – Accept Connection

  1. When you receive a request to connect, a popup will appear on your screen.
  2. Click “Accept” to allow the connection.


Do not send your ID code to someone you don’t know. Always verify the identity of the person trying to connect.

Do not accept random connection requests. Note that a technician will always contact you before sending a connection request.

Part 4 – Disconnect Rustdesk

  1. When the task is complete and your problem is fixed, the technician will close the connection and you will have control over your computer again.
  2. You can close the connection at any time by clicking the “Disconnect” button. It will be in the window where you clicked “Accept” in an earlier step.

If you need any more help to use or install Rusdesk, contact us and we’ll talk you through it.

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