Get a Teams meeting link and schedule a meeting in Outlook

If you schedule meetings in the Teams Personal app, your invite will send from your generic Microsoft account email address []. If you’d like to send Teams invites from your own email address, get a Teams meeting link and schedule your meeting manually in Outlook.

If you’re a Zoom user, the same method will also work if you get a Zoom link and schedule a meeting manually in Outlook.

1. Get Teams meeting link

  1. Open the Teams app.
  2. Go to the “Chats” section
  3. Click the “meet now” button.
  1. Give your meeting a recognisable name.
  2. Click on “Get a link to share”
  1. Your link should automatically be copied, but if you’re unsure, click the “copy” button

2. Schedule meeting in Outlook

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to the calendar section
  3. Double-click on a suitable date
  1. Enter meeting details, like the time, date and email addresses of attendees.  
  2. Type your message, and paste the meeting link.
  3. Click “send” to finalise your meeting.

Your meeting will now be available in your calendar, and you will receive reminders of upcoming meetings. Invitees will also be able to accept the request in their calendars.

To enter the meeting, just click the link.

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